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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 21, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, today featuring a little bit less of the 'news' part.

Miss me?
Miss me?
Michael Regan

Happy Wednesday Spursland!  Harry Kane is down injured and I cannot be consoled, fend for yourselves kids.

And now the "news"

Since Our Last Post There Has Literally Been No New Tottenham News So Here Is Andros Taking Shooting Practice-Spurs Official

That no news thing will change throughout the day so you know, don't get bored and wander over to the Short Fuse or something.

Aberdeen Tweets 9 Year Old's Transfer List-SB Nation Soccer

9 is to old for this to be cute.  I give you 7, I'll give you 8, but not 9. Time to grow up and set your FIFA difficulty to semi-pro, like an adult.

Man United's Social Media Person Doesn't Get Their Fanbase-SB Nation Soccer

That is a big screw up.  Like guy who booked Colbert for the White House Correspondent's Dinner bad.

Ranieri Out At Monaco-SB Nation Soccer

No more tickets to le Grand Prix for you.  On the upside no more side conversations pertaining to transfers from this guy. just look at him, he has the look of someone who might bathe in the blood of virgins.

PSG To Be Charged For Violent Abuse OF Disabled Chelsea Fans-We Ain't Got No History

Another option besides charging the club is you fill the stadium with PSG fans and then parade those people who think throwing bottles at people in wheel chairs is totes cool bro.  Then you have the people in wheel chairs dump honey all over the perpetrators and then you release 6 or 7 grizzly bear cubs onto the pitch, and then the fun begins.