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Reports claim Pochettino to Spurs imminent

Numerous sources are reporting that a deal taking Mauricio Pochettino to Tottenham Hotspur is nearly complete.

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Christopher Lee

Numerous sources in the footballing media are reporting today that Tottenham Hotspur officials are in "advanced talks" with Southampton boss Mauricio Pochettino to make him the new Spurs manager. This is the clearest indication yet that the Argentine manager is set to move from St. Mary's to White Hart Lane.

Of course, the sources are not named, but this story is firing up all over the media. There are stories in The GuardianThe Daily StarNBC SportsThe MetroThe IndependentThe Telegraph, and a host of football blogs.  All the reports are variations on the same theme: Pochettino is interested, is talking to Spurs, and it looks likely to be completed soon. Some reports suggest the deal will be announced officially "this week," others "within 48 hours." Either way, this looks like it's moved past "likely" and "rumor" and has turned into an actual thing.

Just last week it was looking like Pochettino might stay with Southampton, so I'm not prepared to say that this is a done deal, but there's a lot of smoke here, and some of the big, reputable papers have caught on and run with it. That's usually a pretty good sign. A lot can happen in a very short period of time, though (remember Willian?). Also it's the Memorial Day holiday here in the United States and a bank holiday in the UK, so it's unlikely that anything official will be announced today, but we'll be watching and will continue to bring updates as they happen. We're on it, folks.