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Spurs get big Gareth Bale bonus

The most expensive player in the world just got more expensive.

Pablo Blazquez Dominguez

Gareth Bale is now a European Cup winner, which is pretty cool. He never had a public strike like Luka Modric and was a boyhood Real Madrid fan, so I don't begrudge him one bit for leaving Tottenham Hotspur. Especially since it continues to make us money. Take it away, AS.

Yep, an extra €8m for a final price of €110m for Gareth Bale, or £89.2m. He's the most expensive player of all time by a pretty wide margin, now.

So whatever Daniel Levy and co. had planned to spend in the transfer window this summer, they now have an extra £6.5m to do what they please with. That won't quite buy a Jay Rodriguez or Dejan Lovren, but it'll certainly help. Maybe it'll buy an Alvaro Vadillo, though.

In any event, thanks for the cash, Madrid.