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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 29, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and links, with third day stories.

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Mike Hewitt

Happy Thursday, Spursland! There is such a thing in media called the third day story. The story that comes out a few days later after something is announced or happens.

"Today I (insert Politician A name), am happy to endorse (insert Politician B name) for mayor". Three days later cut to talking head on TV "does this endorsement taint Politician A with the stain of Politician B's anti-union voting record?"

See what I mean? If not just google it with the magic box you are reading this on, but my point is that today is apparently the beginning of the "third day stories" are coming out.

And now the "news"

CFC Staff Writer Also Works For The Washington Post

When he comes down to the lowly CFC writers room, he will no longer walk in the door until someone starts playing Mr. Big Stuff. He also complains we don't provide complimentary Amazon Prime like they get at the Post. Sorry we aren't backed by a massive company that has never turned a profit! Round here we make money.

Pochettino The Man To Take Tottenham To The Top 4- BBC

Top four my ass, top of the league. No that isn't an irrationally high goal to set. And now it isn't an example of the poor logic people exhibit when they are under pressure at work so just shut up about it.

This Is Stupid And Xenophobic, But Lets Stare This Dumbness In It's Dumb Face- Telegraph

He isn't from here. I mean, it doesn't matter, but have you guys noticed how not from here he is? I bet he doesn't know anything about strength or glory.

Poch Must Take Europa Seriously- Telegraph

But how can he take a European competition seriously if HE ISN"T FROM HERE. Jesus, I would love to be able to go back through older copies of English papers to find out if they use the same phrases in the 50's, but instead of the word foreign there is the word black.

Cork FC Reserve Seats For Kimye- SB Nation Soccer

Fuck Cork FC. I don't know if my cousin's in Cork have tickets, but if they do I hope they cancel them.

United Owner Malcolm Glazer Passes Away- The Busby Babe

Nothing will change at the team, his children run the club, but that didn't stop many United fans from tweeting about how glad they were he was dead. I would like to judge them, it would make me feel to judge them and I can't. I've said way worse things about people who were living than the things I saw popping up on Twitter.

The Sad, Silly, Undemocratic New Braves Stadium- SB Nation

America is consistently listed among the nations with the least amount of political corruption. I'd like whoever is in charge of studying this for the rankings people to be fired because holy shit.

World Cup Fans Come For The America Will They Stay For The Soccer- SB Nation Soccer

I got the hook in my mouth watching France 98 and then in 2002 the hook was set. This is the thing that will bring in the American sports fan. Not MLS, at least not yet.