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West Ham vs. Tottenham Hotspur: lineups and match thread

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Spurs head to the Boleyn Ground to see if they can actually beat the Hammers this season.

Paul Gilham

Greetings, Spurs fans!  Did you know, I actually love West Ham. No, really, I do! There's nothing like a spiral-cut shank of farm-raised pig from Colorado or Wyoming, slow-roasted over hardwood. So good. In fact, I'm planning on making a big pot of Rio Zape beans this weekend with a smoked western ham hock for some added flavor along with the standard mirepoix. Delicious! Wait, what?

Tottenham heads to Upton Park, home of the Hammers and, if rumors are true, a potential temporary home for Spurs once they break ground on the new Naming Rights Stadium. West Ham has been a bit of a bugaboo for Tottenham the past couple of seasons, but Spurs are hoping to nick some points off the Hammers in order to hold off Ryan Giggs' United and keep a Europa League place for next season.  Meanwhile, Big Sam Allardyce is clearly using this match to position himself for the Barcelona job, should it suddenly come open this summer.


A surprise!  Gylfi Sigurdsson gets the start in central midfield in what looks like Tim Sherwood's usual 4-4-2 formation. Nacer Chadli doesn't make the side, so clearly he's dead. Roberto Soldado, meanwhile, remains rooted to the bench for some reason (SHERWOOOOOOOOD!!).

Remember the rules, folks -- no links to illegal streams, keep the subject matter on-topic, no slagging off players or managers. The guideline is that you can say "John Terry is playing like s&#!," but you can't say "JOHN TERRY IS S&#!." Even if it's true. It's about decorum.

Have fun!