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West Ham United vs. Tottenham Hotspur: Final score 2-0, lol nothing matters

Perhaps the end of Tim Sherwood?

Paul Gilham

We've all presumed that Tim Sherwood will be replaced by a more experienced manager at the end of the season, but Tottenham Hotspur's surprisingly solid run of form has got some of the vehemently anti-Sherwood crowd terrified that retaining him would be a serious consideration. Those folks will rest a bit easier after Saturday's 2-0 defeat against West Ham United.

While that may be one positive to take from the game, it is one of very few. In total, I count three. The other two: Hugo Lloris is very good, Christian Eriksen is very good. Otherwise, this was a pretty abject performance. Going down to 10 men in the first half didn't help, but Spurs looked to be the inferior side even before Younes Kaboul's sending off.

The red card was a wholly justified one, and it came as the result of an abysmal challenge by the Spurs' central defender. Stewart Downing had him beat by a step, but Downing isn't exactly the world's greatest finisher, plus there was a bit of cover and Lloris looked to be in a good position. But Kaboul shoved him down, it was denial of a clear goal-scoring opportunity, and Kaboul was off.

Just two minutes later, West Ham went ahead with what was ultimately ruled an own goal. Andy Carroll rose up above everyone to meet a corner with his head, though it was more of a knockdown than an actual shot. Fortunately for Carroll, Harry Kane's head was in a perfect place to redirect Carroll's effort past Lloris and into the back of the net.

The rest of the game mostly consisted of Spurs doing next to f-all and West Ham dominating. If not for a truly sensational performance by Lloris, the match could have ended something like 6-0. But West Ham only scored one more goal, off a very nice direct free kick from Downing.

Just about everyone was bad and, for whatever reason, we didn't even get a look at Alex Pritchard. Everything about this game was the worst. And, in case you'd forgotten, this is our third loss to West Ham this year. Gag.