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Tony Parks leaves Tottenham coaching staff

Our long-serving goalkeeping coach is to depart Spurs as personnel changeovers begin at White Hart Lane.

Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur announced today that Goalkeeper Coach Tony Parks would be leaving the club.

Parks played for Spurs from 1980 until 1988 and had served as our goalkeeper coach since 2008. As fans it is hard to accurately judge his tenure at the club, but, by all accounts, he was beloved by the staff, players, and fans alike. It is unlikely that this decision is any reflection on Parks' performance. It is almost certainly due to the fact that Mauricio Pochettino is bringing Toni Jimenez, his goalkeeper coach from Southampton, along with him to Spurs.

While it sucks to lose a faithful club servant like Parks, I think we have to remember that it is important than any manager we bring in has the ability to choose his own coaching staff. Still, Parks will always be an important part of our club's history. If you've never seen it, take a look at the video below and watch Parks produce one of the more memorable moments in Spurs' history in the 1984 UEFA Cup Final.