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Steven Caulker not eying a Cardiff exit yet

Hey, he's saying the right things. Just not for us.

Laurence Griffiths

I was actually on vacation when Steven Caulker was sold. When I'd left, there were no grumblings about him potentially being up for sale. None. Zero. At the end of my self-imposed internet hiatus, I opened up this website on my phone and saw the news: Tottenham Hotspur had sold Steven Caulker to Cardiff City. I was shocked. When I got over my shock, I was angry.

How could Spurs sell an excellent prospect that had come through the academy before he hit what should be his prime years. He had a very solid first two seasons in the Premier League and looked like he could be a potential first choice player in the future. Meanwhile, Ledley King's injury status was all but certain and Vlad Chiriches wasn't particularly close to being signed. The decision made no sense, and given Kaboul's fitness issues and the way Michael Dawson has played this season, it still doesn't.

Once Cardiff started falling off a cliff and Malky Mackay got sacked, grumblings popped up around these parts and others about Spurs bringing Caulker back when Cardiff got relegated. Lo and behold, Cardiff have been relegated. I'd like him back because I think he's been their best player this season, played very little part in them getting relegated and is still good enough for Spurs. But it doesn't sound like he's forcing a move, despite being clearly good enough to start for a solid Premier League side.

"I signed a four-year deal here," said Caulker after Cardiff's loss to Newcastle United, "so I'll be looking to get us back promoted next season."

But that doesn't mean he'll stay, of course. Sup, Daily Express?

While Caulker said in the aftermath of that match he expected to return next season, reports suggest that may not actually be the case. Indeed, it has been suggested that both Caulker and Medel have clauses in their contract that can be triggered following Cardiff's relegation.

I've seen no evidence that such a clause exists, except for hearing ITK murmurs about it. I'm not particularly sure why an owner willing to spend ridiculous sums of money on young, unproven players, then cut his losses six months later would sign a player with such a clause in place. But if that clause exists, I'd really like Tottenham to exercise it.

Regardless of whether or not that clause exists, or whether Caulker is going to keep saying super duper classy things about his status as a Cardiff player, we're going to hear a lot about a potential move this summer. Assuming our new manager isn't going to play a suicidally high defensive line, I hope the sure to be forthcoming rumors come to fruition. I'm a huge fan of Caulker's and I'd like us to rectify our mistake.