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@SpursOfficial trolls Liverpool after collapse at Crystal Palace

Oh yes. This is amazing.

I'd embed the original tweet here, but it was a mistake, and it's already gone. Therefore, you get my manual retweet, because my manual retweet will live forever. Without any further ado, here's the official Twitter account trolling Liverpool after their 3-3 draw against Crystal Palace.

It took TEN WHOLE MINUTES for someone to delete this. Absolutely incredible. I'm assuming that one of the social media people at Spurs has their personal account and the Spurs account on their Twitter client. They checked the wrong box. It took them a while to notice.

And, while everyone is focusing on the gaffe, let's talk about the Vine itself: Holy crap this is a hall of freaking fame Vine. The maker of this Vine deserves a medal and a statue at Selhurst Park.