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Lewis Holtby's future to be decided this week

Better start checking Instagram!

Ben Hoskins

Last weekend, Fulham got relegated and Tottenham's on loan midfielder and social media guru, Lewis Holtby, is #gutted. Now that his season is essentially over, Lewis is #concerned over his #future.

Good news for him though, because according to the Evening Standard, Lewis' representatives are having #discussions with #THFC to decide #lewisholtbysfuture.

Holtby was seen as the bargain of the January 2013 transfer window when Spurs nabbed him for £1.5 million and some leftover training gear. Since then he has endeared himself to Spurs fans with his social media #content and #brand, but his performances on the pitch have been lacking, leaving him unable to secure a place on the first team. At least when we're not playing the dregs of Eastern Europe in the Europa league.

While I have no doubt that Lewis' representatives will be meeting with Spurs soon about #lewisholtbysfuture, and undoubtedly taking many selfies, I would be shocked if Spurs make a #decision on his #lewisholtbysfuture this week.

Tim Sherwood is almost assuredly a dead man walking, but it's probably going to take a week or two before Frank De Boer, Mauricio Pochettino, or any other replacement is in place. You would think that any new manager would want a say over #lewisholtbysfuture given his reputation and #brand.

I'm sure this is frustrating for Holtby, but he should look at the bright side and consider that this will give him time to start a social media campaign to get him on the next season of Strictly Come Dancing.