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WDR Mailbag - The Mailbag with the Golden Gun

Give us your Qs so we can give you our As

Paul Gilham

My fellow yiddos. We're almost there. The end of our long, Tottenham nightmare is almost at a close. In but a short week, Tim Sherwood will mercifully be in our rear view mirror and all this will be but a memory. But we have one last podcast until the Timpossible dream is over.

On the podcast, we'll review the traveshamemockery that was our third (THIRD!) loss to West Ham this season. We'll talk about how it fell apart and probably cry in a corner in the bathtub like Vesper in Casino Royale. Then we'll cast our eye towards the final moments of the Timpossible dream against Aston Villa this weekend. We'll address our club's social media prowess and take a trip to batcountry.

Then we'll lower our IQs and delve into the best the commentariat has to offer. So give us some good questions that will spur intelligent and thoughtful debate. For a change.