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Wheeler Dealer Radio - The Tim Sherwood Burnbook

Tim is not going to happen. Stop trying to make Tim happen.

Paul Gilham

Spurs lost to West Ham for the third (THIRD!) time this season and your faithful podcasters have been driven mad with rage. Lennon's Eyebrow is on an extended smoke break this week, so I am joined by Big Bossman Kevin McCauley and Living Statistic Michael Caley to vent some rage before the end of our Timpossible dream.

It is an anger filled podcast this week as we take a look back in rage at our loss to West Ham and take out our frustrations on Tim Sherwood. He'll never want to show his face in this high school again. Then we turn our eye to the future of Lewis Holtby and Roberto Martinez. We laugh at Liverpool for a bit before and give Spurs' social media guy a virtual high five before we take some listener questions.

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Happy listening and Come on You Spurs!