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Spurs switch targets after pulling out of de Boer deal

Mauricio Pochettino, come on doooooooown.

Dean Mouhtaropoulos

According to football journalist Paul Smith, formerly of The Sun and The Mirror, Tottenham Hotspur will not continue to pursue Frank de Boer as a candidate to be their manager next season. He claims that Mauricio Pochettino is now Spurs' No. 1 candidate, and that de Boer's media posturing has put Daniel Levy off hiring him.

He also got into a conversation with John Cross, one of the big names at his former employer, about de Boer's apparent desperation to land the Spurs job.

Smith echoed similar sentiments when replying to a fan who pointed out that the compensation Ajax reportedly want for de Boer -- £5m -- should not deter Daniel Levy if he believes that de Boer is the best candidate for the job.

There are a couple things worth noting before going forward. First, while Paul Smith has been a big football reporter in England, he is currently without an outlet. This is not reason to discredit him, but it's certainly worth pointing out. Second, Smith does not cite any source. He doesn't say a that he was told this by someone close to de Boer, to Levy, to someone's agent or inside Tottenham Hotspur. He just states this matter of factly without alluding to where he gets his information or giving any kind of quote, even an anonymous one. This is a bit off-putting.

It's also difficult to believe that Levy's interest would disappear because de Boer stated plainly in the media that he's interested in the job. What, exactly, about that makes him unworthy of an interview and extensive consideration? I understand why Pochettino would be the preferred candidate -- he's done a brilliant job at Southampton and got a raw deal at Espanyol -- but media posturing shouldn't disqualify de Boer from consideration.