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Tottenham to approach Pochettino immediately?

And just like that, Mauricio Pochettino is the clear top candidate for the Spurs job.

Ross Kinnaird

As Frank de Boer makes it clear that he wants the Tottenham Hotspur job and rumors trickle in that Daniel Levy doesn't like how forward he's being, it's becoming apparent that Southampton manager Mauricio Pochettino is a leading candidate to take over at White Hart Lane next season. And according to The Daily Mail, Spurs will request to interview Pochettino immediately after the final game of the Premier League season. We could get concrete news on this as soon as Monday.

Of course, before this happens, Spurs have to actually fire Tim Sherwood, and Sherwood will probably be quite pleased that Pochettino hasn't been touting himself for the Spurs job. He's kept his mouth shut, and will probably continue to do so until Sherwood is officially canned. Based on what we've been hearing for the last few weeks, that should happen on Sunday or Monday.

We've seldom heard any names mentioned for the job but Pochettino, de Boer and Roberto Martinez. It sounds like Levy's soured on de Boer, while Spurs have to know that Martinez leaving Everton is the longest of longshots. We appear to be down to one guy. How's everyone feeling about that guy?