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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For May 9, 2014

Daily news and links, today on manager goss and outgoers.

Paul Gilham

TGIF, Spursland! Mmmmmm, can you smell that on the air? That's the sweet smell of a new dawn approaching North London. With Tim Sherwood heading towards an early exit after the last game of the season on Sunday, the club can finally begin the process of... wait, hang on, that's not a sweet smell at all. It's actually kinda... ashy... like burning timber... it's almost like OH DEAR GOD IT'S SHERWOOD HE'S BURNING EVERYTHING IN HIS WAKE LITERALLY EVERYTHING SOMEONE GET AN EXTINGUISHER OH THE HUMANITY CHIRPY WE HARDLY KNEW YE

Below is the latest installment in our clunkily-titled Songs In The Hoddle You've Never Heard Of (aka your theme of the day).

Junip - Your life, your call (via DrumShag1986)

And now the "news"

Spurs look to Sampdoria manager?- Football Italia

We'll probably be writing up a full story on this later, so you can look forward to not-perusing that.

Chelsea confident of completing Paulinho deal-

And I am confident of holding a garden party and cracking out my daintiest teacups and doilies if we get what we paid for him back (#negativestereotypes).

Out-of-contract Stewart monitored by Sheffield United- Sheffield Telegraph

Making him U21 captain just to release him a couple of years later. I don't know how exactly yet but I feel the malicious hand of AVB at play.

Why Spurs NEED to sign this £18m striker- Inside Futbol


Greg Dyke proposes 'League Three' for B-teams- Guardian

So Spurs may at least have a one-year reprieve in the Football League as they plummet down to the Conference and then out of existence from next year.

Martinez: Stones ready for England- FourFourTwo

He's tall and strong, but does he have the... STONES... for this gig?

... sometimes, when you're tired, doing the Hoddle is a curse

Derby steal a 2-1 win at Brighton- SBNation

They schertainly scheem to have a manager with a schtrong grashp of how to schucceed in thish schporting field.