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Tuesday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for June 10, 2014

The World Cup is in two days. TWO DAYS.

Clive Rose

I'm not sure what happened to Mr. Roosevelts, guys. Unless my email hiccuped or I was super out of it, I didn't even get an email that he couldn't do the Hoddle, which never happens. So, uh, I hope he's alive and healthy?

In his absence, let's talk about our new manager, our former manager, a rumor that actually makes sense and another that doesn't.

Mauricio Pochettino wants to build his Tottenham team around Emmanuel Adebayor | London Evening Standard

Is it okay if I don't really rate Adebayor and wish we could find a buyer? Am I a terrible fan for feeling this way?

Spain and Tottenham flop plotting escape to Inter Milan | Here is the City

The flop they refer to is Roberto Soldado. This makes sense if Spurs are willing to take less than half of what they paid for him just to get him off the books, but I can't imagine Inter's interested in paying more than €12m or so.

West Brom: Tim Sherwood on six-man shortlist for head coach's job | BBC

Aww, good for Tim.

Remy to wait for Arsenal despite agreeing Tottenham deal |

lol okay.

Arturo Vidal not expected to play against Australia | SB Nation

Don't mind me, I'll just be sobbing in the corner.