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Steffen Freund returns because Poche understands us

It's not a signing, but it's close enough. You should start a GIF party below.

Pete Norton

Everyone loves Steffen Freund because he is the best. But Mauricio Pochettino understandably wanted to bring in his own assistant manager and coaches, so most of us assumed that Steffen would be moving on to something else as part of the transition.

But Steffen isn't going anywhere, because Mauricio Pochettino understands how much we love him.

In reality, I'm sure that Freund has been retained because he's a very good coach, and Pochettino thinks he'll be a helpful guy to have around. He was extremely popular as our assistant manager and was extremely well thought of as Germany Under-17 manager, so he's probably a pretty excellent coach.

It's also nice that we'll have some continuity, as well as someone who can jump up and down and be generally awesome.