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Thursday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For June 12, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and OMG THE WORLD CUP IS TODAY.

Warren Little

HAPPY WORLD CUP, SPURSLAND! HEEEEEERRRREEEE they are, born to be kings, they're the princes of the univerrrrrrrrrssssee. Here they belong, fighting to survive in Brazil with the world's powers.

And now the"news"

Gaitan Says He Would Move To Spurs Or United- Astra Football

Hope you weren't expecting any hot transfer gossip and rumor mongering from a reputable source today. Because you are not getting it. Nothing, nada, no soup for you sir/miss.

Spurs Stadium Job Fair "Like And Easter Egg Hunt"- Haringey Independent

If you want some really great reporting on the stadium stuff of the club, well we do that here. But if you also insist on getting your news from multiple sources, the Haringey Independent is a great source.

Ranking The Minnows, Who Is The World's Worst Team- SB Nation Soccer

The Vatican has got to have a team, right? Think about how great that would be! The players are all wearing frocks, The Pope is the manager. Man, it would be like a marriage of all the things I love and all the things my grandmother wishes I loved.

Why You Should Adopt Bosnia And Herzegovina- SB Nation Soccer

Booze, big piles of meat, Dzecko. It's like the Brian Mechanik special.

Brazil vs Croatia, A primer For New Fans- SB Nation Soccer

We know you're out there, and it's okay. Welcome.