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Assou-Ekotto starting for Cameroon against Mexico


Ben Hoskins

Hey everybody. Mexico Cameroon kicks off at noon Eastern and our own Benoït Assou-Ekotto has gotten the start at left back for the Indomitable Lions.  As Kevin has already so eloquently noted, this match should be bonkers because both clubs really really need the points and there's probably very little chance that they finish ahead of Brazil.

We've talked about Spurs' players in the World Cup before, but we always seem to forget about Benny. That's probably because he spent the season on loan with QPR in the Championship last year, where he ended up not even playing all that well. We all love Benny but unfortunately it's likely that he's played his last match in a Tottenham shirt.  If he does well in the World Cup though we might be able to get a good price for him.

Assou-Ekotto is still a Spurs player, and he's still at the World Cup, and he's starting. I'll be watching him with interest to see if he shows any indications of being the solid left back that we all remember and love.

Also, LOL.