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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 16, 2014

Happy America Day, America. Go forth and America.

Kevin C. Cox

Happy Monday Spursland! Today is the day boys and girls.  It is America day in the Hoddle. Our Australian and English friends I believe will understand (and their days in the Hoddle shall come) and will I am sure be with us today as we take on the 7th best governed nation in Africa. And it is a formidable foe even though somehow the GDP of their entire country is only about 1/3 that of the State of Maryland. Today is OUR day. Today is OUR moment.  And this is what we sing.

And now the "news"

The Special One Wants The Pigeon At Chelsea -- Daily Star

This explains why Luka cut off his hair.  It's the classic sign of a heel turn, changing your look.  And that is something I can't handle.  I got enough complaints about how I handled the Seth Rollins heel turn and that at least was actual pro wrestling, but if Luka goes to Chelsea I will break things.  Probably squirrel's skulls while I shout stuff about Elia Martel.  Or maybe Rick "The Model" Martel. I'm a wild card you never know what's going down.

The Official Team Site's Take On Hugo's 90 Minute Nap That Saw France Win 3-0 -- Tottenham Official

I believe at one point during his nap he may have been running like a cat in his sleep.

The Forecast For The USMNT Opener Is Soggy -- Stars And Stripes FC

I hope everyone packed non-water-based face paints.

The Best USMNT Hype Video -- Stars And Stripes FC

If you are watching this and are thinking about changing your allegiance, and who could blame you, I can assure you we value all who contribute to our immigrant tradition, and our citizenship test is absurdly easy.

Bosnia & Herzegovina Go Five Hole -- SB Nation Soccer

It was a valiant fight during the loss for the flood ravaged, and I do mean ravaged in the old school medieval kind of way, nation. But you seriously cannot hold these people down.