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Spurs, Southampton in battle over Ryan Bertrand

Mauricio Pochettino is going to steal one from his old club.

Michael Steele

Yay, another sensible left back link. Over the weekend it was Ben Davies, and today it's Chelsea's Ryan Bertrand. He spent time on loan at Aston Villa this season and was impressive, but probably not quite impressive enough that he's going to start for Chelsea next season. They might be willing to sell, and some clubs higher in the table than Aston Villa -- like Tottenham Hotspur -- are likely to be interested.

The Mirror claims that Mauricio Pochettino is an admirer and would like to bring him to Spurs, which would screw over his former employers. Southampton are about to sell Luke Shaw to Manchester United for a ridiculous amount of money and reportedly like Bertrand as a potential replacement, which makes a lot of sense. But if Spurs come in for Bertrand, he'd likely get a higher wage than Southampton are willing to pay him, plus he wouldn't have to move.

I'm higher on Davies than I am on Bertrand, but I still think Bertrand would represent an upgrade over Danny Rose and would be a good purchase. If Chelsea's willing to sell, we should go for it.