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Tottenham linked with ALL THE WORLD CUP PLAYERS

There are some football players playing football at the World Cup right now. Spurs are apparently linked with all of them.

Hey, it's Hamez Rodriguez. We're linked with him too.
Hey, it's Hamez Rodriguez. We're linked with him too.

Hey, did you guys know that there's a World Cup going on right now? It's true! Did you also know that Tottenham Hotspur just hired a new manager! I know! And it's possible, even likely, that this new Tottenham Hotspur manager may be looking to sign new players, some of whom are currently playing in this World Cup!

No, for serious!

One of the downsides of a World Cup summer is that, after a brief respite at the beginning of the Cup, the transfer rumor mill grinds with an additional ferocity, especially with regards to a) teams that are on the cusp of Champions League qualification and/or who have just hired new managers, and b) players who happen to be doing kinda sorta well in the tournament.

So, naturally, this means that Tottenham Hotspur and Mauricio Pochettino are linked with every player at the World Cup. Here are a few of the rumors I found while trolling NewsNow this morning. Sound the #batcountry klaxon!

Tottenham linked with Mexico defender Hector Moreno

Spurs look to beat Man Utd to £17m 'new Ronaldo' Memphis Depay

Spurs to pip Sunderland for Ever Banega?

Here's a two-for-one:  Spurs tracking Bony as Lukaku back-up

Spurs looking at Basel and Swiss defender Fabian Schar

Spurs in for Colombian midfielder James "Hamez" Rodriguez?

Now, look. Some of these rumors might actually be a thing. We might end up really signing one or more of these players. Or, they could all be 100% cow-poo, which is more likely. The most important thing to take out of this is to not believe everything you read. And if that heretofore unknown Honduran midfielder scores a cracker against Ecuador this evening, then brace yourselves, because Tottenham will likely be linked with him in the morning.