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Tottenham Hotspur agree to sell Jake Livermore to Hull City

Bye Jake. I love you.

Paul Thomas

Former Luka Modric replacement Jake Livermore won't be with Tottenham Hotspur anymore. After a brilliant season on loan at Hull City and repeated statements that he would like to remain with the club past this most recent campaign, Spurs have agreed to sell Livermore to the not-really-but-totally Tigers.

As per usual, the fee was undisclosed, but I can't imagine it was tiny given how well Livermore played last season. There were probably other clubs interested, keeping Hull from picking him up dirt cheap. Some reports set the fee at around £6 million, which seems perfectly fair for both sides.

Livermore had some excellent games in a Spurs shirt, but always seemed to look a bit overwhelmed when put in starting spots against big-time opponents, in a way he wasn't last season with Hull. He's the latest in a long line of English graduates from academies at big clubs that turned into a very good professional, but not quite good enough for the highest reaches of the game.

I think everyone's wishing Jake well at Hull, and I'll continue to enjoy the hell out of watching him and Big Tom play together.