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Community Hoddle of Coffee - Monday, June 22

Our friend theroosevelts could not be here today, so here's your Hoddle.


Greetings, Spurs fans. Well, that was quite a day of football, wasn't it? I spent the evening watching the USA-Portugal match with over 100 of my closest friends in a smoke-free crunchy granola pub in my hometown. My body is still recovering; my voice hasn't yet done so.

Our good friend theroosevelts had commitments elsewhere and could not work on the Hoddle today, so it's a Community Hoddle!  Feel free to share links and anecdotes about Tottenham in the comments, or just talk about yesterday's matches.

Here are a few links to get you started. Ready? GO.

Spurs linked with Ivory Coast's Serge Aurier - The Independent

Pochettino after Dutch Belgian starlet Origi - Sportsvibe

USA v. Portugal was a fair punch in the gut - SB Nation Soccer