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Napoli continue chasing Spurs midfielders, this time Sandro


Mike Hewitt

Sandro didn't have a good season for Tottenham Hotspur last year, so of course the papers are quick to assume he'll be cast off for a nominal fee. Apparently a knee injury and one bad year has devalued him so much that Daniel Levy asking for 1.5 times what Spurs paid for him is OUTRAAAAAGEOUS and meant to scare people away.

Take it away, Daily Mirror.

Tottenham are battling to hold on to Brazilian midfielder Sandro as Napoli want him to boost their Champions League bid, writes Darren Lewis.

The Italians - who are in the play-offs to qualify for next season's competition - are understood to have already made an approach to the White Hart Lane club for the 25-year-old.

It is understood the Serie A side are ready to offer £8million for Sandro, with Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy attempting to scare them off by demanding DOUBLE that figure.

If we sell Sandro for £16m, we'll come to regret it quickly. He'll star in Champions League for Napoli and will be worth more than that quickly. There are two reasons he wasn't great last year: He tore his ACL and Tim Sherwood is a bad football manager. A £16m price tag shouldn't scare off anyone who is genuinely serious about acquiring him.

Please, don't sell Sandro. Just stop talking about this. Everyone. For the love of god.