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Monday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 30, 2014

Isn't the World Cup awesome?

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Alexandre Loureiro

Happy Monday Spursland!  Hey gang, the World Cup is in full swing and it's been AMAZING.  I bet you've been having the time of your life watching haven't you.  You have been, I would imagine at least 10% of people reading this haven't changed their underwear in a week for fear of missing just one second of one game.  My point is that you guys are probably flying pretty high emotionally.  Don't worry, our first link of the day should bring you back down to the depressing yet familiar waters Spurs fans belong in.

And now the "news"

How Spurs And United Missed Out On James Rodriguez - Telegraph

I told you it would upset you.  Is it as upsetting as paying money to see Transformers 4?  Maybe not but not all things can clear such a lofty bar.

Dinamo Say No Bids For Brozovic - Sky Sports

And if you look to the left you will see a group of agents trying to justify their salaries sitting in a circle banging on a piece of traditional buckskin stretched across a wooden hallow frame in the hope of drumming up some transfer buzz for a client none of the teams they lied to him about wanting his services have heard from.

Sorry folks that started as a good idea but they can't all be winners

Three Biggest Disappointments Of The World Cup - SB Nation Soccer

That is a pretty well reasoned list, nothing supper obvious, and it's social conscious.  However, if this was written by your typical frat boy (not a Ryan Rosenblatt reference) there is no way there wouldn't be something about how there has yet to be a model in the front or jamming a mobile phone that is sponsoring her jammed down into her cleavage.  There has however been a depressing uptick in the number of cut away shots during down time in the action on the field where the camera man just pans to whichever women in the crowd he finds the hottest.  It's depressing, I mean if you like me are a supporter of the feminist movement.

Sliver Man Guzzles Water, Is Sexual - SB Nation

Isn't he like Magneto's son or something?

Joel Campbell Will Return To Arsena l -The Short Fuse

I hope to God that even though he is there they continue to ignore his existence or everyone else in the league is fucked.