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Spurs join Liverpool in pursuit of Spanish defender

Alberto Moreno should be Plan A at left back. But expect Spurs to have to move on to Plan B.

Clive Rose

Sevilla and Spain left back Alberto Moreno is hot property, with just about every team in Europe that's bigger than Sevilla interested. He's going to fetch some sort of fee, and according to the Daily Mail, Tottenham Hotspur are going to offer £14 million, plus a year of Roberto Soldado on loan. Liverpool are also seriously interested and will offer a similar fee.

The problem is that the offer of Soldado on loan isn't that good of a makeweight for Sevilla. Sure, he'd be nice for them to have and would probably get some playing time, but they're actually pretty good at striker. Carlos Bacca and Kevin Gameiro are good starters, while three more first team forwards were sent out on loan this past season. They're doing okay at the position.

It's nice if Daniel Levy and co. are trying to get Moreno, but I can't imagine Sevilla are going to accept Spurs' offer but reject Liverpool's because of the Soldado loan. At the end of the day, it'll be up to the player to decide, and players usually decide to play Champions League football.