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Friday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links June 6, 2014

Today on Joe Rogan and Alberto Moreno.

Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

Happy Friday Spursland! Have you guys perused the 40,000 word plus official SB nation World Cup Preview? You haven't?  Well you suck go do that! It's broken down by group and by country.

And now the "news"

Spurs Don't Want Moreno Says Sky Sources-Sky Sports

No, we just can't get him for £14 million plus a Soldado loan. Also we don't have Champion's League football and the best striker in the world on our team. Those are big recruiting tools. I don't know maybe we need to go full SEC and get recruiting hostesses or something.

Ade Is So Chill In Togo-101 Great Goals

Chill? Or lonely? Where are the other people in those pictures?

RUMOURS: Moreno Buys House In Liverpool-Liverpool Offside

Seriously I don't think we are going to sign him. Have I mentioned the recruiting hostesses?

Transit Strike Could Derail World Cup Travellers-SB Nation Soccers

Does Brazil have Uber?

German Elephant Picks Us To Beat Germany-SB Nation Soccer

Some people are making this out to be a huge deal, but not me. I happen to know how small an elephant's brain is, and it certainly doesn't have magical power like some other animals like octopus.

Joe Rogan Explains The World-SB Nation

A long interview with a stand up comic who once killed a mountain lion in a dark alley, with his bare hands? Count me in.

Seth Rollins' Heel Turn Put To Appropriate Music

Because I can't stop watching this and neither should you. But seriously I can't stop posting it so here is a real time reaction video from the Youtube account of who I would guess could eventually become the next Mrs. McCauley. Unless Kevin doesn't like New York accents or something.