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La Liga central defender on Spurs' radar

Tottenham have been linked to Toby Alderweireld forever. He signed for Atlético Madrid instead, but he doesn't start there. Let's fire up the rumor mill again.

Laurence Griffiths

We're team #alloftheBelgians here at CFC, so we're always perfectly happy to be linked to them. Today's rumor is not a new one, but a revival of one we've heard for the past two summers: According to The Mirror, Tottenham Hotspur are interested in signing central defender Toby Alderweireld from Atlético Madrid.

Alderweireld moved to Atléti instead of Spurs (and plenty of other potential suitors) from Ajax last summer, thinking he'd get a good shot at playing first team football. But Miranda and Diego Godin were simply too great of a defensive partnership, and he's now very much a backup. Atléti also have excellent Uruguayan prospect José Giménez in their squad, so they might be willing to sell Alderweireld if they can make a profit.

However, as the Mirror notes, basically the entire Atléti back line is fetching interest from big clubs. There are likely to be offers for Miranda and Godin as well, and the latter might boost his value significantly with a big performance at the World Cup. Both players are also older than Alderweireld. It might end up being more advantageous for Atléti to sell one of their other defenders and keep a hold of Alderweireld.

If the Belgian is available, I'd love to have him at Spurs, and I hope this rumor is true. But at the same time, if Atléti are going to sell one of their three senior center backs, Alderweireld probably isn't the one to sell.