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Brad Friedel is an ageless wonder

Everyone's favorite backup keeper isn't going anywhere.

Paul Gilham

Were you concerned that Brad Friedel was going to retire or go play a season in MLS, and that Tottenham Hotspur were going to have to go find a capable backup goalkeeper? I was concerned too, but Friedel isn't going anywhere because he's going to play forever. On Monday, Tottenham Hotspur announced that Friedel has signed a new contract.

Friedel is also going to work on building up the fanbase in the United States and retaining the great fans we already have in that country through a new ambassadorial role. He's also going to do a bit of coaching work, though not with our players directly, it seems. Here's what the club had to say about that.

Our goalkeeper's Ambassadorial role will have a wide-ranging remit that will include greater involvement in our Global Coaching programme and engaging with our 30 Supporters Clubs from across North America as we continue to increase our global presence and bring our international fanbase closer to the Club.

On top of being an extremely capable backup keeper into his 40s, Friedel also seems like a really good guy and an off-the-pitch asset for the club. I'm happy he's sticking around for a bit.