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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 10, 2014

It's Thursday! Time for your daily links.

Matthias Hangst

Happy Thursday Spursland! Thank whatever gods your pray to that you survived watching Argentina vs The Netherlands.  That game was about as exciting and entertaining as a conversation involving two Kardashians and at least one camera.

And now the "news"

Coman Shunned England Switch - Sky Sports

Everyone shuns the Spurs switch, even if they don't really care about it they will say it.  It's something people do with the seriousness your aunt has when she gets an Instagram.  You know this isn't a serious thing and will be forgotten within a week. So let us all move on to Ignoring the things we ignore that could change the world like this kid who basically invented a super low cost way to rid the oceans of all plastic. Oh yes, he is just 19, what are you doing with your life?

Overrated Player Seen At Liverpool Possibly Completing Move - Metro

Good, spend all that Suarez money you don't have yet on a guy who couldn't do anything in France.  It's not like there is evidence that you can have a gangbusters, I mean absolutely gangbusters World Cup but can't really dominate in top level club football.  i mean unless you are aware of the existence of Bryan Ruiz.

Liverpool Offside Prove it isn't Just RAWK Meltdown - Liverpool Offside

Dear RAWK Meltdown, the Liverpool Offside Google Analytics would ask that you please stop trying.

Mandzukic To Athletico Is A Go - We Ain't Got No History

So it looks like someone isn't going to be missing Diego Costa while he is floundering in a league with tackling.

Nigeria Suspended Again For Government Interference - SB Nation Soccer

Football officials are corrupt, it is as much news as finding out a politician from New Orleans, or Chicago, or New York was corrupt.

Alex Sanchez To Arsenal Is Basically Done - The Short Fuse

Ah, nuts!