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Barcelona offer for Jan Vertonghen coming?

For the rumored price, this would be bad. But if you want to tack on £10m, what's up Barca?

Clive Rose

When Tottenham Hotspur missed out on Champions League and Tim Sherwood alienated the entire dressing room, we had some fears that all of our biggest stars were going to demand to leave and everything was about to go to crap. But since then, Mauricio Pochettino seems to have calmed things down and Hugo Lloris has signed a contract extension. It's all good, right?

Well, maybe not. As you might have heard, Barcelona have a pretty bad/non-existent group of central defenders at the moment, and since they're about to throw down some crazy money on Luis Suarez, they obviously have ambitions to win things. Enter this rumor from the London Evening Standard that Barca are interested in Jan Vertonghen, and that they're about to bid £17.5m.

It's unsourced, so it could be coming out of absolutely nowhere, but Jan to Barca rumors have been floating around for a while and it would be surprising if they didn't have some interest in acquiring him. But knowing Daniel Levy, that rumored bid isn't going to be nearly enough to obtain Vertonghen's services, especially given that Michael Dawson's departure is imminent and no one knows how fit Younes Kaboul will be for the rest of his career.

We'll probably still be hearing about a potential Vertonghen transfer a month from now, but with no serious movement having taken place. Get ready for a 'saga', folks.