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Friday morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for July 11, 2014

Friday's super exciting daily links!

Clive Rose

Happy Friday Sursland! It's almost over, just one more game and then nothing until mi-August.  A solid month of us all sitting around playing Ain't No Sunshine on repeat on YouTube because we are too cheap to download the thing off iTunes. Nothing between now and then but diligent, diligent transfer rumors and the three mountain stages in this year's Tour de France.

It is at this moment that I am informed I am supposed to reference Hunter S. Thompson and bats in some way.  So let me say this: you people are confusing and your have your own language that in practice uses the same words as mine, but that I cannot understand (Ed. - pot, meet kettle).  It's like trying to have a conversation with a gas station attendant in the Mississippi delta. I recognize all the pieces of the puzzle but I can't put it together.

And now the"news"

Felipe Luis To Spurs?-Give Me Sport

If you were to go by transfer rumors Atletico are selling every single starter from the Champions League final. And they are replacing them with a mixture of "oh that's nice for them" players and masking tape. (Ed - Mario Mandzukic is quite a bit better than that.)

Tottenham's Youtube Account Was Once Awesome, Now it's Whatever This Is-Spurs Official

Art is dead.

Rangers Nearly Destroyed For No Reason At All-SB Nation Soccer

I look forward to the comparisons to the gunpowder treason that will be posted in the darkest depths of Rangers fan forums.

Inter Milan Hops On The Yedlin Hype Train-Sounder At Heart

Yedlin is a great prospect but we all know that apparently every team in southern Europe doesn't -- he can't defend yet.  And now all these teams are over leveraging themselves for this kid like investment banks with mortgages in 2007.  Does that make sense? No, it doesn't.  But this is equally dumb and bankers are evil people and both things need to be said.

David Letterman Interviews Clint Dempsey, Refuses To Apologize Afterward-SB Nation Soccer

I believe I saw somewhere once that when he got the job on Late Night, David Letterman said something to the tune of,"they are spending a lot of money on this show and not every show can be good, but every show can be mediocre." Well holy shit did you live up to that billing with this interview. You know it's time for those in the media to start putting a mild amount of effort into realizing/pretending to realize that soccer is starting to matter to Americans so you should put effort into reading the pre-interview -- your producer did.