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Spurs to offload midfielder to Juventus for £20m?

Yeah, sure, take him.

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Buda Mendes

Paulinho has been the subject of transfer interest since ... oh, about the time he arrived at White Hart Lane. Tottenham Hotspur pulled off a bit of a coup to get him in the first place, and even though he hasn't exactly dazzled since the Confederations Cup, interest from big clubs remains high. And according to the Telegraph, a bid of £20m for the Brazilian could be on the way from Juventus.

Juventus are expected to sell one of Paul Pogba or Arturo Vidal this summer, while giving the other a big contract extension and a raise. Once they sell one of them, they'll need a replacement, and Paulinho clearly fits the bill.

A lot of Spurs fans like Paulinho's energy, and think that he'll come good if he gets another season at White Hart Lane. But given how poor he was in his first season with Spurs and how much worse he's been at the World Cup, it would be absolutely astonishing if Tottenham were able to get more than they paid for him. At the same time, Juve are probably going to have to sell one if Pogba or Vidal, since they can't afford to pay both what they deserve and maintain a competitive squad, so they're going to have some money to spend on a replacement.

Sorry to the Paulinho fans in the house, but I hope this is true. For £20m, I'll drive him to the airport.