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Emmanuel Adebayor has malaria

Dude just needs to walk around inside a mosquito net.

Paul Gilham

None of Tottenham Hotspur's strikers look guaranteed a place for this upcoming season, especially with a new coach coming in, so Emmanuel Adebayor will probably be less than pleased that he's contracted malaria. Since he has access to the best medicine in the world, he'll be fine after a couple days in the hospital and a week on the couch, but this still means that he's going to miss out on Spurs' trip to North America.

This likely means lots of playing time for Harry Kane and Roberto Soldado while overseas, along with some run-outs for Jon Obika, if he's not sold or loaned out by then, and maybe some guys like Souleymane Coulibaly and Shaq Coulthirst. It's nice for those younger guys, but not nice for Ade, who's going to have to prove he's better than Kane and Soldado when he gets back. He won't have much time to do that.

I'm envisioning a scenario in which the Hurrikane looks like a boss in preseason, scores against West Ham and never looks back. Ade sits on the bench, head down, sulking. Eventually he's sold to Besiktas for almost nothing. He goes on to score 30 goals for them. We wonder what could have been.