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New Tottenham stadium continues to be controversial

Guess what? Not everyone is happy about Spurs building a new stadium and their CPO going through.

Clive Rose

Tottenham Hotspur have had their Compulsory Purchase Order for Archway Steel approved, meaning they can get to work on their new stadium. The Archway Steel property was the last piece that Spurs needed to get going, and now we might actually see a timetable set for the new stadium's opening pretty shortly.

Spurs supporters are understandably happy about this, but there are quite a few people in the N17 who couldn't care less about Spurs or football in general that are pretty annoyed with how this whole thing has gone down. Some are accusing local MP David Lammy of being in the club's pocket. It's not great PR.

Here's what Martin Ball of the Bruce Grove Regeneration Group said about Lammy.

"We know David Lammy isn't an honest broker and impartial in the decisions being made about the developments along the Tottenham High Road. We know he favours the Spurs plan and is on record as saying he wants the stadium built as soon as possible. He is a cheerleader for the bulldozers set to create that fans' walkway, and has tweeted a photograph of the progress with the redevelopment of the area taken from a window in the club's boardroom."

He goes on to criticize the plan for relocating local businesses and residents. Spurs and the Haringey Council have taken steps to ensure that there will be plenty of housing available in the same neighborhood for displaced residents, but that doesn't change the fact that residents are being displaced.

In order for for the Northumberland Development Project to be completed, a lot of people have to be forced out of their homes that don't really care if a newer, nicer house or apartment is being built for them a couple of blocks away. The reality of this project is that people have to get kicked out of their homes for it to happen.

It's a sticky situation, and a lot of people are really mad about it. Ultimately, that's not the club's problem -- they can't approve CPOs or force the local government to fund part of the project -- but it's an unfortunate aspect of the redevelopment plan nonetheless.

Being able to compete with Europe's elite comes with a cost that's more than monetary.