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Tottenham sold two players, except they refuse to leave

Hey, Michael? Siggy? It's been fun, but it's really time for you to get going.

Mike Hewitt

Did you know that professional athletes are generally very confident people who have ridiculous belief in their abilities? I know, crazy! You can count Michael Dawson and Gylfi Sigurdsson amongst that group, since they seem to believe that Mauricio Pochettino will change his mind about them if he just sees them in preseason games.

Tottenham Hotspur are trying to sell both Dawson and Sigurdsson and reportedly agreed to fees to sell both of them, but they just won't go away. Dawson wants a big contract if he's going to leave, while Sigurdsson apparently thinks he can nail down a first team place. I love you Siggy, but it's not going to happen. Stop trying to make fetch happen.

This is pretty disappointing stuff, since it would have been nice to get their wages off the books and get another £15m or so to spend on new players. But the sale of these players is proving to be more complicated than finding teams willing to pay good money for them.