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No, Spurs will not buy John Stones from Everton

This is a dumb rumor.

Warren Little

There's a rumor circulating around that some of England's bigger clubs are interested in buying John Stones from Everton. And that makes sense, because Stones is a really great prospect who's equally adept at playing right back and center back. He's a lot like Micah Richards, before all the injuries, and if you don't recall, Micah Richards was REALLY good before all the injuries.

Here's the latest rumor from The Express, which states that Tottenham Hotspur 'lead' Arsenal and Chelsea for Stones' signature.

The problem with this is that Everton don't really have any reason to sell Stones. They're not in a precarious financial situation and Stones' value isn't that high. The likes of Spurs, Arsenal and Chelsea would be interested because they think he represents value for money. But something like £12m isn't going to be enough to tempt Everton to sell, because his value's only going to go up if he has a great season. And even if he doesn't have a great season, they'll still be able to sell him for a decent fee next summer.

Also, if Chelsea and Arsenal are genuinely interested, Spurs won't be able to get Stones. The only way Spurs can 'beat' either of those teams to a player at present is if they don't actually want him.

Sorry, fans who are hoping Spurs buy a promising young defender. Stones isn't coming.