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Tuesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur news and links for July 15, 2014

On goalkeeper coaches, malaria and pro wrestling.

Clive Rose

Happy Tuesday Spursland! So apparently this new manager really screwed the Poch on the break up conversation with Siggy and Daws eh?

Comedy these days is all about the puns people and I am just jumping on the bandwagon. Bandwagon is Salmon Chase's middle name.

And now the "news"

Former Spurs Goalkeeping Coach Lands Role With Norwich-BBC

The hero of Tottenham's 1984 UEFA Cup Final was let go with the appointment of Big Poche. I am sure you will all join me on wishing the topest of top lads the best on his new position.

Ade Released From Hospital-Four Four Two

I really hope he walks around his house with a fly swatter muttering "Ade's coming" under his breath.

Bo Dallas Has Some Great Advice For Brazil, Argentina, And Those People In Miami Who Pretend To Be Sports Fans-SB Nation Soccer

Who is this guy?

Blackburn Rovers Unveiled Their New Kit In A Weird Way-SB Nation Soccer

What is wrong with this? a number of things.

1.  Clearly someone on the board has a kid with half his film school credits done and just needed that one big break. But my god the plot holes. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT NICE BUTTON UP WHEN HE GOES INTO THE SHOP? Did he barter it for the new shirt? Do Rovers accept barter in their team store? I'm going to go take my old IKEA bed over there and see what I can get for it. Yes I am missing some of the fasteners but you can still make it work, trust me, you just need a bit of tape.

2.  What adult shaves like that? Is this the first half of a Gillette commercial where they unveil some scary new space age shaving thing you don't need?

Maradonna Calls Messi's Golden Ball Award A Marketing Plan-SB Nation Soccer

No Messi did not play well enough and there were players more deserving of the award. But seriously Diego, shut up. It is as if he is afraid if Messi finally gets over the hump that he will be forgotten and nobody will ever allow him to cheat on his taxes, do coke and shot bbs at reporters love him anymore.

The 20 Reasons We Loved The World Cup-SB Nation Soccer

Reason one, it's the World Cup. End of list.

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