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Spurs bid for Ben Davies accepted, Liverpool still in contention

Get your own scouts, Liverpool!

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Michael Steele

Well its a pretty quiet transfer window and not much has BAH GAWD! IS THAT BEN DAVIES' MUSIC?!

According to the Telegraph Swansea has agreed to a £10 million fee with Spurs for their 21 year old left back. However, we shouldn't get too excited because apparently Liverpool are still mulling over matching Spurs' bid. This should hardly be a surprise due to the fact that Rodgers probably has some familiarity with Davies from his time at Swansea and Liverpool's ongoing quest to make ... let's say surprisingly underwhelming purchases with the Suarez money. Their inability to sign Alberto Moreno away from Sevilla probably played a role as well.

According to the report, Swansea has already agreed to terms with Spurs and now the ball is in Liverpool's court. Although the paper also says that Swansea hope this move will grease the wheels for a transfer of Gylfi Siggurdson. And if that's the case I think not giving Liverpool a chance to hijack our transfer dealings may be a solid place for them to start. Swansea are currently on an American tour (GET YOUR OWN TOURS) and are set to play  Chivas Guadalajara in Milwaukee on Wednesday night. I don't think we'll see Davies getting any minutes.

Anyway, it would seem certain that the Welsh defender's days at Swansea are numbered, it's just a matter of where he'll end up. Also, it would probably be a good idea if Liverpool improved the encryption on their scouting department's emails.