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Thursday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 17, 2014

Tottenham Hotspur news and notes with a player. Kinda.

Ross Kinnaird

Happy Thursday, Spursland! Hey, we signed a guy, maybe, but totally, but not all the way. Yet. Hurray! We are now the best mid table club in the league! And since this guy is probably going to replace Danny Rose, and he is presumably better than Danny Rose, I suggest we just call him Broadway Danny Rose. I am in favor of bringing back the old school way of nick names, where if you have a nickname it better sound like maybe you are a little mobbed up.

And now the "news"

De Boer Was Very Close To Joining Spurs- The Sport Review

Yea, well you didn't and now we have an Argentine with a head that looks like you couldn't give him a migraine with a sledge hammer.

What Poch Needs To Acheive On The US Tour- Bleacher Report

The answer is nothing. He doesn't need to "achieve" a damn thing. He needs to tinker, he need to fucking coach around a bit. Experiment with partnerships in defense and the midfield, and figure out who plays on the left. He needs to tinker like your grand dad did to the family wagon on his Sunday afternoon as an excuse not to pay attention to his kids. Achieving something is not possible here because that would involve accomplishing a goal that is measurable by some metric. And P.S. I caught theroosevelt's show last night, that was embarrassing. It was a complete mess. Speaking of complete messes ...

Blackpool Are A Complete Mess- SB Nation Soccer

Think Portsmouth a few years ago when they went into administration and tried to make money with a penny pinching US tour that ended with them playing DC United wearing spare United kits because they lost their luggage in like Portland.

MLS's Ferris Bueller Parody is Astonishingly Good- SB Nation Soccer

I refused to think this could be good before I watched it because I am a curmudgeon. But it's outstandingly good.

Who Won The World Cup Of Fans- SB Nation Soccer

We all know who won here.