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Gylfi Sigurdsson fee agreed with Palace, but will he agree to sign?

Remember, personal terms aren't always a given.

Jamie McDonald

Remember that report from a Crystal Palace fanzine that Tottenham Hotspur and Crystal Palace had agreed on a fee for Gylfi Sigurdsson? Now Sky Sports are reporting it.

So that's nice, but it doesn't necessarily mean anything. Remember, we already knew that Spurs and Palace had agreed on a fee for Sigurdsson, but last we heard, he doesn't want to go anywhere. It's quite possible that Palace have since offered him quite a bit more money than they did the first go around, prompting him to agree to leave Spurs, but we can't really consider this done until he's holding the shirt. We made that mistake with Michael Dawson and Hull.

As much as I like Gylfi Sigurdsson, I hope that he's changed his mind and will accept the move. He's not going to be first choice for Spurs this season and it'll be nice to have that money to spend on someone who actually has a chance to start.