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Pictures of Tottenham Hotspur's new kits

I'm not a fan. Maybe you are!


Tottenham Hotspur released their new kits today, with the AIA logo on the front instead of the HP one we rolled with last year. Strangely, the bright red seems to clash a bit less than the light blue in HP's logo did? I'm still not a fan of the kits, but I say that with the added caveat that I am not the market for these. The last time I bought any sports team's shirt was when I worked at UPS and I knew a guy who knew a guy who stole them and sold them for 1/3 price.

Anyway, here's Christian Eriksen modeling the home and Paulinho modeling the away. This is going to look silly when Paulinho's wearing a Juventus shirt in September.

Anyone have strong feelings? I genuinely think these are ugly.