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Wednesday Morning Hoddle of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links July 2, 2014

America, you done good.

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Jamie McDonald

It's Wednesday Spursland.  Bob Ley turned at the conclusion of yesterdays USMNT match to Alexi Lalas and asked "the English language is full of beautiful words, what comes to you mind now"? And my first thought was simple.  Pride.  I am so god damn proud, of all of it. Of the players, of TIM, of the kids, of the fans.

But now you the Commentariat gets to unify once again. The English?  Gone. The Americans? Gone. The Australians, gone. The Canadians? Hockey. So who do we pull for now?

PS we should buy that Lukaku kid.

And now the "news"

The Telegraph Makes Obvious Statements About Each Team's Summer Plans - Telegraph

I'd like to nominate the who is in charge of transfers Levy Baldini, or Poch conversation to be referred to from here on out as "Who's The Boss"

Adebayor Is Dancing - Off The Post

Does it show we are scraping he bottom of the barrel for Spurs news until the Cup is Over?

Argentina March On - SB Nation Soccer

I might suggest we all hitch our wagons to this particular horse, but I could listen to an argument another non Brazilian side from south of the border.

Tim Howard Is The Best In The World And I Am Ignoring Everything Else - SB Nation Soccer

Because it's god damn true and if you disagree come fight me I'm not hard to find and I'm in the worst shape of my life.

We Can Shut Up About "If" Americans Care About Soccer - SB Nation

Seriously if you work in say, sports radio, when someone with a mic says "well, this was probably a fluke and Americans will go back to not caring," stab that person with a pen. They are a rube who can't read the pulse of this fine land. We have pictures motherf***er, we have RATINGS, those things you swear by.  And we have more than a few major media guys (Like Greg "Opie" Hughes) who started the World Cup shitting on it, really trying to get into it because they realize that the country is changing it's tune. And in four more years if you aren't with us then you are the old guy screaming that football became bullshit after face masks.