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Ben Davies flies home for Spurs medical


Tom Dulat

It's (nearly) official: Ben Davies is now (days away from being) a Spurs player.

After being touted as the likely first signing of the Mauricio Pochettino reign almost a month ago, the line on Davies' move to Tottenham had gone cold for a few weeks amidst rumours of a potential transfer hijack by Liverpool, who are handing out contracts like free olives outside an artisanal delicatessen at the moment. However, the BBC is now reporting that Davies has left the Swansea training camp to undertake a medical, with his destination being the Lane.

Davies will be a top signing in a position of real need if this deal goes through. The BBC report confirms that it's looking like we're going to have to trade Gylfi Sigurdsson as part of the deal- a terribly-kept secret after the Iceland native pulled out of our friendly against Seattle Sounders yesterday, and also a damn shame considering how spare Siggy's opportunities have been over his two years with Spurs. On balance, however, it's a favourable deal for us- not least if we also manage to land Michel Vorm as part of the bargain, too.