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QPR and Palace interested in Lewis Holtby

On one hand, there could be a grain of truth in here. On the other hand, it's the Star.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

We're all resigned to the fact that at least one of our midfielders is probably going to be sold, right? And likewise we're in agreement that probably that sold midfielder will be one of either Gylfi Sigurdsson or Lewis Holtby, yeah?  So then we shouldn't be at all surprised that the Daily Star is reporting that Crystal Palace and QPR are interested in taking Lewis Holtby off our hands for us.

I know, I know, it's the Daily Star. The article doesn't have any price attached for Holtby's services, and doesn't really go into much detail other than to say that Palace and QPR are interested. But it DOES have a quote – an actual quote from a "Tottenham insider" that says that if Lewis isn't in Mauricio Pochettino's first team plans this year he'll want to move to a place where he can get more playing time.

We know the Daily Star is LOL but there's probably at least a modicum of truth to this. I wouldn't be at all surprised to find out that Queens Park Redknapps or Palace are interested – Holtby looked industrious in his loan stint at Fulham last spring and his work rate alone probably ensures that he'll have a productive career in the EPL for at least a mid-table club.

Also, it goes without saying that football players want to play football. Of course Lewis will want to go if he's back on the bench. And whoever this "Tottenham insider" is (I'm guessing Chirpy), he doesn't really say anything that we can't infer from what we already know about the club, Pochettino, and the current transfer dealings already in place.

Finally, there's always the chance that Lewis can fit into Poch's tactics better than under AVB and Tim Sherwood – he looked lively against the Sounders and it's likely he'll get other chances to show his worth.

At present, there's a lot more talk that Sigurdsson is probably heading back to Swansea relatively soon, and frankly I just can't see us selling both of them in a year when we have to slog through the Europa League again, unless we make further midfield signings that renders Holtby redundant. If we decide to keep Siggy, sure, I can see Holtby going. Otherwise, I kinda doubt it.

Take this rumor with the an entire salt mine for now.