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Spurs to swap Sigurdsson for Davies, will also purchase Vorm

A swap deal. One is actually happening, for reals.

Stu Forster

Guys, it's happening. The Guardian is reporting that Tottenham Hotspur and Swansea City are set to finalize a swap deal that will bring left back Ben Davies to White Hart Lane in exchange for Gylfi Sigurdsson.

The Guardian is reporting this as a "straight swap deal," something that, in English football is a bit like spotting a unicorn -- everyone talks about them but they never happen. This one, apparently will happen and could be finalized and announced by tomorrow.

Spurs reportedly wanted a separate cash deal for Davies, but Swansea wanted Sigurdsson back – Siggy played for the Swans on loan from Hoffenheim in 2012 – and worked out a cash-neutral straight swap. Interestingly, the Guardian article also reports that a separate £4m deal for Swans goalkeeper Michel Vorm is also in the works and could be completed at around the same time.

It's unclear whether Davies or Vorm will join Spurs on the remainder of their American tour this week.

I like Siggy and will miss his gorgeous Nordic visage at White Hart Lane, but this deal makes all sorts of sense. Gylfi gets to return to a club where he excelled a few years ago and will almost certainly walk into the starting lineup. Spurs get their new starting left back (with stats comparable to Manchester United's £30m signing Luke Shaw). Add in an extra £4m and you get your new backup goalkeeper as well.

I'm waiting to pull the trigger on a .gif party until the deal is officially announced by the club, but if the Guardian says it's happening, they're usually not wrong. All in all, a tidy bit of business for both clubs.