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Ben Davies training with Tottenham ahead of signing announcement

A training video on Spurs' official website shows Ben Davies working with the first team in Spurs gear. Guess he's signed, huh?

Michael Steele

If you were still kinda sorta waiting to get excited about Tottenham Hotspur signing Swansea City's Ben Davies, I think it's okay to feel confident now.  This morning Tottenham Hotspur's club website posted a training video taken in Toronto that (oops!) accidentally included some shots of Ben Davies training with the team.

Some sharp-eyed Spurs observers discovered it and posted screenshots on Twitter:

The video in question has now been taken down:

It's pretty likely that Tottenham wouldn't let Davies train with the team unless he had already signed the paperwork. The official announcement has yet to come, but that could be simply due to logistics (photo shoot, crafting the wording, initial interviews, etc.), or they could be holding off to announce the impending signing of Michel Vorm at the same time.

I'd put the odds of Ben Davies being now officially a Spurs player at 99.9999999999999%. Get those .GIFs ready, gang, for the official announcement, and maybe with luck we'll see Davies play tomorrow night against Toronto F.C.