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Wednesday Morning Hoddle Of Coffee: Tottenham Hotspur News And Links For July 23, 2014

The rhetorical question monster strikes again.

Charlie Crowhurst

Happy Wednesday, Spursland! Are you sad? There is another entire cycle of night and day before the boys are gonna be kicking the ball around in Capone Town. Does it make you feel down? Does it make you feel as bad as when you found out they canceled The Pete Holmes Show and nobody would ever get to see more New Material Seinfeld? I bet it does. I bet it does because you guys are living the dream, statistics show if you are reading this you live in a cushy first world country where there is zero chance that, I don't know, your entire city gets quarantined for the black plague.

So relax, just because your commute isn't great, maybe there was an accident on the freeway. Maybe your train was delayed for a few minutes. It's okay because in the end you come here, and here is where everyone gets hugs.

And now the "news"

Spurs Set To Beat Arsenal To Sing Yet Another Southampton Wunderkind- Sky Sports

Is anyone troubled by how many teams are snapping up like Southampton's entire team for big money? Like these players didn't add up to the team being top four and yet everyone seems to be paying big money for their starters. This seems like that imaginary number type of math they tried to explain to you in high school and you tried to understand it for thirty seconds before resigning yourself to getting a D at best that quarter.

Five Reasons Liverpool Won't Fail Like Spurs- ESPNFC

Brenden Rogers fap fap fap, not AVB fap fap fap.

Zusi, Besler Sign Extensions, MLS' Future Looks Bright -SB Nation Soccer

Not that the PTI/Around The Horn crowd of overpaid sports columnists will admit that MLS is looking good until its ratings are probably double that of the average MLB game because they are old and entrenched and don't like looking at anything new as something other than a flash in the pan with no substance.

Bojan Signs With Stoke- SB Nation Soccer

Oh, how the mighty have fallen. From being that player you overpaid for in FIFA because he was the youngest most promising player in the game just a few years ago to competing for time with Brek Shea.

Pep Insists No Loan For Green- Stars And Stripes FC

Pep keeps saying no to loans like a bank employee who just saw my credit score #rimshot.