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Chicago Fire tried to offer Chelsea fans discounted tickets to Spurs friendly

What could possibly go wrong?

Jamie McDonald

So last week in Seattle, I was surrounded by Spurs fans in the midst of a great atmosphere with the Sounders fans and I thought to myself, "You know what would make this game better? Tons of Chelsea fans singing the same song over and over." Well it looks like someone at the Chicago Fire ticket office had the same great idea and for a while offered members of the Chicago Chelsea supporters group tickets to their friendly with us at a $45 discount!

What better way to enhance a "friendly" than by inviting the fans of one of Tottenham's most hated rivals? At a discounted price no less! Why I can only imagine the fist fights cordiality and black eyes great memories that would ensue! Well Spurs fans online noticed this great idea and decided to share their thoughts with the Fire, who have removed the offer. Now they are in the process of apologizing to, well, everybody.

Hope everyone is looking forward to a super fun "friendly" with our super best pals in the Windy City. Maybe the Fire will even hand out millwall bricks to improve the atmosphere.

One has to wonder what possibly prompted such an insane decision. Are the ticket sales flagging for the game? Did someone get their teams confused in the ticket office? Was someone at the Fire just hoping they were playing a team founded six years after them? Or perhaps their ticket office is just pwopah nawty.

Who knows, but the real loser here are the Spurs and Fire fans. Now how will they hear the word Chelsea repeated incessantly, in person, for 90 minutes?

UPDATE: In addition to removing the offer, the Fire will not be honoring the tickets sold to Chelsea fans through this deal. So now they'll have to pay full price if they want to go.

(h/t to Kyle Last-Name-Withheld, a Spurs fan from Minnesota, for the tip)